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>> Wednesday, November 5, 2008

He's going to the White House! He did it! I'm SOOOO HAPPY!
That IS a Change we can believe in. I am so impressed and proud of that man. Truth and knowledge is power, and has now proven to last longer. Being truthful, sincere and dignified worked! I watched the election until about 12:30 AM last night, woke up at 4 to continue watching. 5 AM they announced the breaking news. What a historical day and night.

Landslide victory! Barack Obama won the election.

We couldn't help ourselves but jump up and cheer. Our dog started running around playing. My mother called me crying of joy. Everyone knows this is historical, and a special victory. To me it is a symbolic victory, I think of how many people have died to make this happen. How many people who have worked tiredlessly, all their lives, with no result, to make this happen. How many people broke barriers before Barack Obama came, to make this possible. And needless to mention, Barack and his endless, hard work for the past 2 years to make this happen. There's nothing in this world that make me happier than seeing things work the way they should. When the good in people win over the bad. Fair and square. No dirty tricks.
I have been living and believing in those standards all my life, integrity, honesty, knowledge, common sense, and it's not easy, because there are so many opposite forces that can easily pull anyone down. People almost always resort to the dirty tricks instead of just remaining truthful and believing in the truth they know. Obama didn't give up. He knew what he was talking about and he believed in it. He was slapped in the face over and over by all the media. They tried to crush him. But he had stamina, and he was wise enough to not let any of it get to him. He ran the smartest campaign anyone could ever run. It's like the best top athletes. They know perfect timing. They have stamina and they know how to be patient. That's Barack Obama. I don't care about age or color, THAT'S a perfect president. I have always believed that anything is possible, and this has strengthened my belief further. Now I have nothing else to do than to wait for his inauguration and pray for his security. I hope they won't make it too hard for him to do what I know he can.
Today, I think it is fair to say, the world is actually a better place. This is one of the happiest days of my life. Not just because he won, but because of what it truly means. The symbolism of it all. I will never forget this day.


Kajsa Hallberg Adu November 7, 2008 at 2:23 PM  

I will also never forget the moment I found out about Obama being elected. Welcome to the blogosphere!

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