>> Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hey everyone!

I nearly gave up even trying to send in some greetings on here because it's been so long. Then I opened my blog e-mail and found a couple of posts of people wishing me well and asking if I'm alive. I thought I would finally have the time to get back to blogging this summer but I thought wrong! My life has taken off and I barely find any time for myself. I really miss reading all your blogs and posting myself too. I would really like to try to post some more this summer but I can never be sure.

Right now I am working two jobs, one of them being a new one in a national NGO that I'm very happy for (but it takes a lot of time) and I am also studying full time. On the side I have started getting involved with fundraising for an organization in Nigeria but that is barely just getting started. The point is: I have my hands full. Anyone who knows anything about fundraising? Contact me please :-D I am also trying to transfer to NYU or Columbia in the US, and that is taking all my time.

I hope everything is going well in all your lives. Stay blessed and keep blogging, don't get too busy like me, so I have something to read as soon as I have the time.

All the best

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