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>> Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Finally! Election day. I can't believe how fast the time has passed. I've been following the election closely ever since all the original candidates announced their candidacy. Luckily I'm living with a man that's even more addicted to news and politics than me, so even when I get tired I'm always updated.
I remember the first time I heard about Obama, my mother had copied an article from Times magazine about him and given it to me. It was in 2004. Already back then, they said he was president material. I must admit at the time, I was very careful about getting my hopes up. I'm not American, but I know how crazy things are in politics. There's quite a bunch of powerful people who would like to make sure things never change, especially in regards of racial divison.

Anyway, I read an interesting article a couple of weeks ago that pinpointed some of my views of the flaws of the American democracy and how it effects certain groups in society. It might be a little controversial but I thought it was interesting. It talked about the law many states in the US have, stopping ex-cons from voting and how this effects the black vote and other minorities. I think it's crazy to not allow ex-cons to vote in the first place. Democracy is all about the people. People can be thrown in jail for all kinds of things, it doesn't necessarily make them unfit to vote. It's so sad to see how systems are just built to keep people down. Of course, when a countrys political system is ruled by the ideologies of super capitalism and neo liberalism, it's self explanatory that a significant group of the population will "fall out" and end up on the bottom of the social hierarchy. On the bottom of the social hierarchy you're stricken by poverty and therefore the community will be more infected with crime, alcoholism and drug use, therefore more people will be going to prison. I think the people on the bottom of the social hierarchy is exactly the people who needs to have the opportunity to have a say in politics. People should be at least remotely able to have a say in how their kids are going to grow up. I'm not putting all the blame on the rich capitalists here, but I think they deserve their fair share..I can't help but be reminded of slavery, segregation and the repercussions of it all. When I hear ignorant people say there's so many black people in prison I just get so pissed. It's not that simple. There are reasons why so many people end up in prison and they are way more complexed than that. Sure, everyone is ultimately in charge of their life, but it sure as hell isn't easy when society is just looking to give you a hard time all your life.
Negative feelings to the side, today is a very historical and uplifting day when thinking about how other "races" especially people of African descent have been mostly kept out of politics and away from power of influence since colonialization. When the primaries begun, I must admit I still didn't allow myself to get my hopes up. I knew Obama was the best, and would do the best job, but I had a lot of doubt people had let their prejudice go enough to realise that. To my happy surprise a lot of people did vote for him. I especially remember the Iowa primaries. That was the first time I started allowing myself to believe that it might be possible Ahhh, that makes idealists like me so happy. There's hope! There's opportunties. Maybe things aren't that bad after all? I am still awaiting the election results, because I can't dare to believe something so wonderful before it's really there. But all signs show that he's leading, and I hope for the sake of the world and the US that he does. And imagine the great role model he would be for people around the world. All the little boys and girls that can have a great, powerful, good person to look up to that looks like them. Someone who can tell them that they can be anything they want to be. He is the best candidate a country like the US could ever have. America is the last superpower left, with, needless to say, the most power in the world. The world needs that country to have a responsible leader that has the knowledge to understand what's going on. I think Obama has the best foundation for all of that. Imagine, having a white american mother, and african father, growing up partly in Indonesia. That makes him have a foot in every continent. He can identify with Europeans, Asians and Africans, and he understands what needs to be done in the US to make it better for people.And finally, someone who will (I'm hoping) give Africa the attention that it deserves and needs. Can't help but be excited. I'm hoping.


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