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>> Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hello my darlings!
I've missed you all!
First of all, thanks for every comment ya'll sent while I was gone.

I just got back not more than a week ago to a fundamentally different life.
I started university the morning after the night I got home. Since then it's been a lot of new things to get into, while at the same time still working. Ive missed blogville and feel like I'm completely off now since I haven't read anyones blog while I was away. Anyone want to update me? Any big changes or new blog babies since I was away?
Nigeria was everything you can imagine, good and bad. I had some terrible experiences this time that is making me thank God I still have my life. But I had wonderful times as well. Will get back to everything in my next post. Hope everyone is fine! Give me some time and I'll slowly get into everything again, even though I doubt I'll have as much time as before. Lots of love.

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